Wealth Management

Wealth management and investment advisory are our company’s main mission. Both our business and our trust-based relationships with clients rest upon the security of their assets and the profitability of their investments.

Our approach to investment differs from what fund managers and private banks normally use: 

All our clients are unique; therefore, there are no standard investment strategies and no model portfolios.

First, we listen to the client, and only then do we construct an investment proposal suitable to the client’s needs and requirements. Many investment instruments are tailor made and issued specifically for a particular client. The structure and contents of a portfolio and all the most important investment decisions are subject to discussion with the client.

In compliance with the Swiss law, our clients never transfer their assets to FPWS account for asset management thereby losing direct control over their investments. Instead we assist a client in opening a personal (or corporate) account of his own with a top Swiss/European/Asian/Arabic bank. The client retains complete control over his assets and any operations involving them; receives reports not only from FPWS, but also directly from the custody bank servicing his account.

A client grants a restricted power of attorney to FPWS for investment operations only, excluding the right to withdraw assets from an account or to make any payments.

In managing a client’s account, we pay close attention to asset allocation, i.e. the selection of potentially profitable asset classes with limited downside risk, which conform to a specific investment idea. We prefer low-correlation asset classes, which enable us to significantly reduce the cost of errors. Typically we avoid share price speculation and do not react to unpredictable daily market fluctuations.

Our clients’ portfolios are composed of various asset classes in order to ensure true diversification and risk reduction – from bonds and equities to commodities, precious metals and funds.

FPWS’s team has unique expertise in structured products which allow its clients to enjoy individually designed investment instruments that provide optimal risk/return profile with decent returns and nonlinear correlation with the market.

Investment decisions are taken based on a thorough assessment of both fundamental and technical factors, in compliance with the overall decisions of a company’s investment strategy, the investment declaration and the client’s desires.

Wealth Management