Comprehensiveness of Services Provided

FP Wealth Solutions SA helps its clients to meet both financial and related tasks that require a delicate and professional approach:

  • choice of ownership structure and asset protection;
  • ensuring inheritance through family trusts and other mechanisms;
  • creation of private funds and international companies;
  • formation and management of investment portfolios;
  • creation of exclusive investment tools.

We also assist our clients in choosing the best service providers and in monitoring the quality of their work in terms of:

  • the acquisition and sale of a business;
  • foreign real estate;
  • yachts and private jets;
  • obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland or other countries;
  • choosing an educational institution for children;
  • solving additional financial or personal tasks.

Integrity and Independence

FP Wealth Solutions is not affiliated with any bank, broker or product supplier. This eliminates the conflict of interest that usually arises when a client is serviced by a bank, often interested in selling its own products. Our main product is about professional recommendations.

Through independent expertise, we select the best investment products and financial solutions that meet the needs and constraints of the client from the variety of offers on the market. Sophisticated diversification of investments in servicing banks, instruments, and asset classes significantly reduces the risks and costs of error. At the same time, we ensure centralized management, monitoring, and control over all investments.

Architecture Openness and Transparency

For safekeeping of assets and investment management, our clients use (and, if necessary, promptly change) the most reliable Swiss and some international banks. The client retains full control over their own assets, because a personal account is opened instead of a trust management account.

FP Wealth Solutions usually receives only a limited power of attorney to perform investment operations on the account, without the right to withdraw funds. Reporting to the client is provided directly by the bank, and – in a consolidated form – by FP Wealth Solutions. Thus, all transactions are completely transparent and controlled by the client.

Focus on Family Values

FP Wealth Solutions works with only a small number of clients. Because of this, our company has developed a long-term strategy for structuring, protecting and managing family capital, where the priority lies in the interests of a particular family. Freeing clients from the need of personally studying issues that require professional training, our team of specialists offers thoughtful personal solutions aimed at increasing family well-being and its transfer from generation to generation.


Our company serves a narrow circle of very wealthy clients. Its services are deliberately not advertised. Only audited banks and lawyers are used for operations.